Haas TCM Inc. (formerly Haas Corporation) is an independent Chemical Management Services (CMS) provider and serves over 200 facilities around the globe in aerospace/defense, automotive, electronics, food/beverage, utilities and other industries. The company was started in the mid 1970s as a specialty chemical manufacturer. In the mid 1990s, Haas moved from volume chemical sales to managed programs and transitioned to a multinational Chemical Management Services Company. It has grown rapidly since then. Today, Haas TCM is the largest CMS provider that derives 100% of its revenue from these services.

Our focus is innovation in Chemical Management. You will find that our approach is unique, very cost effective and based on a successful track record. Haas TCM is always on the look out for Tier II suppliers that understand the Haas TCM Chemical Management philosophy.

The Haas TCM Inc. Mission Statement is to provide our customers with superior on-site service, product technology, application expertise, process knowledge, chemical monitoring techniques, and overall process cost reduction.

As a Chemical Manager, Haas TCM Inc. offers different service levels to suit the needs of every customer and each of their facilities, regardless of size and location.

Haas TCM
Total Chemical Management
Haas TCM is a global chemical management services company.

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Mission Statement

Haas TCM is a global chemical management services company. We streamline and manage the chemical life cycle for each of our customers with superior and innovative supply chain, process, and information management systems. We create sustaining value for our customers and shareholders and provide challenging and rewarding careers for our employees.


'DLA Contract# SPM4AR-07-D-0100: Industrial Gases and Cylinders Privatization Program


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