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Benefits of Chemical Management

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Chemical Management
Benefits of Chemical Management


• Immediate substantial cost savings, including chemicals, maintenance and paperwork costs, water and energy reduction.

• Enhanced pollution prevention through reduction in number of suppliers, chemical consumption, types of chemicals and waste generation.

• Quantifiable reduction of regulatory reporting needs and environmental exposure.

• Improved information management for compliance with environmental regulations.

• Reduction of health and safety risks and liability.

• Standardization of specifications, systems and procedures.

• Beneficial impact on all environmental systems including waste treatment.

• Improved coordination between production, material selection and waste treatment.

• Technological improvements and integration of chemical suppliers into plant manufacturing teams.

• Joint customer and supplier implementation of synchronous manufacturing strategies and material flow.

• Cost reductions by developing a supplier base focused on providing cost effective services verses volume sales.

• Chemical Management will strengthen the corporate basics, not the corporate bureaucracy.


Benefits of Chemical Management



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