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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Haas TCM is committed to creating a respectful, courteous work environment free of discrimination and harassment of any kind. We function in a diverse and global marketplace, and the talent that we bring to bear in the services we provide reflects that diversity. Our drive for excellence is enriched by the diversity in our work community. Haas TCM has a long standing record of nondiscrimination in employment. Support for this effort comes from the top. The CEO, Thaddeus Fortin, has issued the following statement on the Company's views in this matter:

It is the policy of Haas TCM to:

• Strictly follow personnel procedures that will ensure equal opportunity for all people without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, ancestry, marital status, disability, veteran or draft status.

• Achieve understanding and acceptance of Haas TCM's policy on
Equal Employment Opportunity by all employees and by the communities in which the company operates.

• Not tolerate sexual, racial, or other prohibited harassment by any employee, vendor, customer, or visitor. Not only is it a breach of our policy, it is also a violation of state or federal law.

• Thoroughly investigate instances of alleged discrimination and take corrective action if warranted.

• Be continually alert to identify and correct any practices by individuals that are at variance with the intent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

At Haas TCM, we are committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce. Haas TCM would like to reaffirm this practice and call upon all personnel to actively pursue the policy as stated.



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