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Case Studies
Daimler Chrysler, Newark Assembly Plant


DaimlerChrysler’s experience with chemical management services began with a facility-initiated program at the Newark, Delaware Assembly Plant in January 1999. In its first year, the program reduced chemical unit costs by 29% and continues to reduce unit costs annually. Due to the success of the Newark chemical management program, DaimlerChrysler created the template for the Total Chemical Management (TCM) corporate-wide program. TCM now includes 11 Chrysler assembly plants.


Michelle Vetterlein,
Environmental Specialist

CMS Provider
Haas TCM
Thad Fortin, CEO


Name of Program
Total Chemical Management

Program Start Date
Current contract initiated January 2002 with Haas Corporation

Chemical Footprint
"Non-productive" chemicals such as lubricants, oils, greases, water treatment chemicals, solvents, maintenance chemicals, cleansers, and other miscellaneous chemicals.

Contract Structure (Current)

• "Fixed and Variable," sliding scale which adjusts for changing production volume

• Specified yearly cost reductions for 3-year cycle

• Greater than specified cost reductions go to supplier as performance incentive

Performance Expectations

• Reduce chemical cost

• Reduce number of chemical suppliers to one CMS provider

• Maintain quality

• No increase to CO3 levels

• Decrease chemical use when possible

• Make supplier accountable for tasks such as material approval, chemical inspection, background research, finding new materials

Provider Services

• 2 full-time Haas TCM personnel onsite

• Purchasing

• Delivery

• Inventory management, including maintenance of min/max levels for certain chemicals and Certificate of Analysis for all materials

• Data collection and information systems support

• EHS report generation

• Hazardous waste management for solvents

• Continuous communication and new materials research


• 17-18% cost reductions in the first year (2002) of contract with Haas TCM; continuous reductions anticipated

• Chrysler staff relieved of chemical management tasks, allowing for more focus on core competencies

• Able to track chemical usage per unit produced

• Chrysler won the 2001 Environmental Leadership Award for its chemical management program in 11 North American assembly plants



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