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U.S.A. Automotive Case Studies

East Coast Assembly Plant

This program was transitioned from a previous Chemical Manager who had been in place for three years. The program includes all non-production chemicals including purge solvent, booth cleaning, detackification, water treatment and crib chemicals.

The program was started up using the Haas implementation team who were on-site within days after notification to allow for a startup immediately following the year end shutdown. The program features a “Pay as Built” pricing model with immediate savings to the plant.

Number of Products managed: 366

The following examples are some of the accomplishments that have been achieved by the on-site team:

• Recent SCORE savings approved for $ 221,435 for maintaining production during equipment malfunction.

• Corporate wide highest 2003 Chemical Management Review score of 3.4.

• After discontinuing the use of argon in a MIG booth, the plant continued to experience usage. While performing inventory audits and system functional reviews, the Haas TCM team identified and documented two leaks. This provided a direct savings of $28,800 this year and the plant has initiated a project to modify the backup argon system and remove the tank further saving the $272/mo rental.

• During the cleaning and startup of a new $1,100,000 hot water generator, Haas TCM was diligent and reviewed the Water Treatment cleaning specifications and the manufacturer’s specifications for cleaning and installation. The review and further discussions initiated by Haas TCM resulted in the proper cool down period for the boiler after the initial boil out. This had the potential for saving the new boiler from thermal shock and weld cracking.

• Haas identified two solvent leaks during routine inventory inspections and documented them to proper plant personnel. Both instances resulted in minimization of production losses, solvent waste, reportable emissions (VOC’s), and associated costs.

Mid West Truck Assembly Plant

This program has been in place since 1995 with six figure savings annually and benefits typically derived from Chemical Management in terms of purchasing. The program includes all non-production chemicals including purge solvent, booth maintenance, and detackification.

Number of Products managed: 412

The Truck Plant has recently undergone a major model change and the construction of a new paint shop expansion. The on-site Chemical Management team managed all new chemicals for the construction project and assisted in the design of chemical systems for the expansion.

Accomplishments of the program include:

• Implementation of a HAPS (Hazardous Air pollutants) free paint booth maintenance and purge solvent program in the new paint shop to meet the requirements of the air permits for the new model.

• Reduction in purge solvent usage from 5.1 gallons per vehicle in 1995 before Chemical Management to 2.1 gallons per vehicle currently.

• Increase in product scope to include all non productive chemicals including industrial gases, welding supplies, architectural paint and office chemicals (toner).

East Coast Assembly Plant

Haas TCM is the Chemical Manager at this facility covering all non-production chemicals including water treatment, lubricants, paint booth maintenance, purge solvent, paint detackification, janitorial chemicals and architectural paints. The program uses two full-time on-site managers to provide the technical and purchasing requirements of the program.

Number of products managed: 304

This program has been in place since 1995. The program has provided yearly six figure cost savings since its beginning. These savings are generated through reduction in purchasing costs, reporting, hazardous material approvals, disposition of obsolete inventory, and other typical Chemical Management savings.

Program accomplishments include:

• Reduction in waste treatment costs through the implementation of new technology in paint detackification.

• Reduction of purge solvent usage by 18% with annual purge audits.

• Improved reclaimed purge quality (water content) necessary for the new clear coat employed by the plant.

• Decrease of chemical cost and manpower required for booth maintenance with the implementation of a water based booth coating program.



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