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Chemical Management
Introducing New Processes & Chemicals

Haas TCM provides for continuous internal testing of alternate materials by our Research and Development team. The reasons for this testing include health and safety issues, reduction of hazardous materials, VOCs, HAPs and waste, cost reductions, performance improvements, product consolidations, emergency second sourcing, minority sourcing, or any combinations of these. Once a material has been demonstrated to show a distinct advantage, it will be presented to the chemical management committee before any new materials enter the plant.

No material or process change recommendation will be submitted before it has demonstrated at least equal performance to the material or process in use and demonstrates a significant advantage consistent with the goals of the Chemical Management Program. The starting point for any product or process change begins with a Business Case Analysis in conjunction with environmental priorities. All materials and processes will be subject to the Ten Step Approval Process.

The following process may be modified to meet the needs of any of our diverse customers.

Ten Step Approval Process

1. Submit a preliminary technical and business proposal to a customer’s committee outlining benefits of the change.

2. Review impact with key plant personnel and receive approval.

3. Provide required MSDS with 100% disclosure of ingredients.

4. Initiate hazardous material review with the plant and submit product for corporate approval and purchasing process.

5. Conduct necessary training for safe use.

6. Coordinate evaluation ensuring performance measurements are obtained.

7. Provide documentation of trial to committee and plant personnel and present the final business case.

8. Review need for additional larger scale testing.

9. Prepare implementation and coordinate as necessary.

10. Monitor performance to insure expected results.



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