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Chemical Management
Summary of Services & Value

For most manufacturers and other end users, chemicals are vital to their operations, but non-core to their businesses. While chemicals represent only a tiny fraction of their purchasing load, they pose the greatest risks to workers, to equipment, to the public, to the environment and to the manufactured product. Even where chemicals are core to the end user’s business, these same risks are more complex to manage and pose even greater consequences.

Sustaining Value Creation

• Lower Unit Price Baseline
• Improved Chemical Use Efficiency
• Reduced Haz Waste Generation
• EHS Compliance Assurance
• Floor Space Liberation
• Reduced Risk
• Scaleable “drop-in” Solution for Chemicals
• Enterprise Data Integration

Haas TCM Reduced Costs Across the Chemical Lifecycle

Figure 1. Haas TCM Reduced Costs Across the Chemical Lifecycle

Proper management of these risks throughout the chemical lifecycle costs end users far more than they typically realize, most often double (and even higher) than what they pay for the chemicals themselves. Figure 1 shows real data compiled for twelve aerospace facilities for their costs in the categories shown, both before launch of a Haas TCM (Total Chemical Management ) program and eighteen months afterwards. As shown, for every dollar these facilities spent on chemicals before TCM, they spent about another dollar managing them. But after just eighteen months, they realized savings of about 30% and the savings continue to grow.

Haas TCM services and technologies can significantly reduce your total chemical costs, reduce the risks posed by your operations and relieve the “pain” of dealing with them.

Haas TCM Capabities

Haas TCM staff and technologies efficiently manage and execute the full range of activities of the chemical lifecycle:

HAAS TCM continues to advance development in four capability area that create value across this entire facility.

Haas TCM continues to advance development in four capability areas that create value across this entire lifecycle.


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