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Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Industry Business

Imagine receiving all your aerospace chemicals (and gases) when needed at their points of use, custom labeled, shelf-life controlled, qualified and certified, and fully traceable at your fingertips . . .

Imagine having little or no chemical inventory on site . .

Imagine all the invoices for the hundreds of suppliers of these chemicals consolidated in a single, electronic feed with each entry linked via the internet to each time-stamped, supply chain transaction . . . .

Imagine having a data management system that automates much of your regulatory compliance burden and provides accurate, real-time data needed for most of your regulatory reporting . . . .

Imagine all this from a supplier whose primary incentive is for you to use fewer and less amounts of chemicals . . . .

Then, imagine no longer because this is what        Haas TCM Inc does for more than 100 aerospace, defense and electronics manufacturing and maintenance facilities in the US and abroad.

To learn more about how Haas TCM services can reduce your costs, risks and chemical usage,
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Case Study

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