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Haas At Conference In London

WEST CHESTER, PA, March 18, 2002 - Haas Corporation a leader in the chemical management services field is pleased to announce that Thad Fortin, it’s CEO will speak at the Confidence in Chemicals and the Toxic Debate Conference on April 17, 2002 in London, UK. He along with Tom Votta, Deputy Director of the Chemical Strategies Partnership & Senior Scientist, their topic is “Servicing” The Chemical Supply Chain: Lessons Learned In the US.

During this session they will discuss a new chemicals management program being undertaken in the US (CMS). A program that encourages more efficient use of materials, delivering cost savings and environmental benefits. In this new model, manufacturers shift away from a traditional supplier relationship to a strategic alliance with a chemical service provider. Instead of purchasing chemicals, the manufacturer purchases chemical services: including assistance in purchasing, managing and tracking chemicals. This shift to chemical services often enables manufacturers to reduce chemical use and costs. It also allows them to retain tight control on which chemicals they use and address phase-out and trace-ability issues quickly and easily.

Haas Corporation is widely recognized as a leading Chemical Manager to manufacturing industries. Haas is the largest Chemical Manager in Canada and Mexico and the first Chemical Manager in China. Haas Corporation is headquartered at 1475 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA 19380; the main phone number is (610)-436-9840. To find out more about Haas Corporation, it’s programs or Chemical Management in general visit us on the web at www.haascorp.com.

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