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Haas TCM Inc. Receives GM LAAM 2005 Supplier Merit Award

WEST CHESTER, PA, May 10, 2006— On March 17, 2006 in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina), GM organized the 1st Supplier Merit Award. This award includes the LAAM region which stands for Latin-America, Africa and Middle East. GM-LAAM has a total of 445 suppliers and only 28 suppliers were rewarded with the Supplier Merit Award for "its contribution and performance in quality, service, technology and price". Haas TCM Inc. was one of the 28 suppliers who received the award.

Many important entities at the national and international level form the government and automotive areas were present at this award dinner. At the government level Miguel Peirano (Argentinean Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Mining), Roberto Ceretto (Secretary of Production for the state of Santa Fe), and Mauricio Caussi (Secretary of Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Mining for the state of Santa Fe) were present. At the automotive level Ray Young (GM Mercosur President), Felipe Rovera (GM Argentina President) and Karen Leggio (GM LAAM Vice-President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain) were the hosts of the event.

During the award dinner Felipe Rovera expressed: "The improvements reached in the automotive industry are the result of a greater political and economical stability, investments from auto makers and also the great team work at the supply chain level." Ray Young expressed: "The Supplier Merit Award to the best suppliers during 2005 represents a recognition and incentive to keep on working, investing and growing in order for the automotive industry to become stronger and generating positive results for our companies and countries."

This reward gives special attention to those suppliers that are able to provide quality, understood not only as a technological strategy but also a way to conjugate service, price and reaching full customer enthusiasm.

Headquartered in West Chester, PA, with about 300 employees, annual revenues of $150 million and operations on three continents, Haas TCM currently provides chemical lifecycle management services to customers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, defense, metalworking, transportation, utility, food/beverage and heavy equipment manufacturing industries.

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