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Haas Finechem Expands Operations In China

WEST CHESTER, PA, December 3, 2001 - Haas Corporation a leader in the chemical management services field is pleased to announce the opening of it’s new factory and warehouse operations in China.

Haas FineChem (Shanghai) was established in July, 1998 and granted it’s business license in Shanghai on October 8, 1998. The establishment of Haas FineChem was established with the mission of servicing our customer, Shanghai General Motors.

Construction of Haas’ new factory and warehouse in Shanghai begins in December 2001. It will provide for the blending of industrial chemicals and also will have space to warehouse these products. This facility has easy access to major highways in Shanghai and will provide logistical service to our chemicals management accounts. The current customers in China are Shanghai General Motors, Delphi, ChangAn Ford, ChangAn Suzuki, Beijing Jeep, and Shanghai Volkswagen. There are over 30 fulltime and part-time employees, most of who are located at customer sites. Haas FineChem was awarded Supply of the Year by Shanghai General Motor in 1999 and 2001 and has been ISO 9002 certified since December 1999.

Haas Corporation is widely recognized as a leading Chemical Manager to manufacturing industries. Haas is the largest Chemical Manager in Canada and Mexico and the first Chemical Manager in China. Haas Corporation is headquartered at 1475 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA 19380; the main phone number is (610)-436-9840. To find out more about Haas Corporation, it’s programs or Chemical Management in general visit us on the web at www.haascorp.com.

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