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The 1998 Global Outsourcing Quality Report Award
— The Global Outsourcing Quality Report is also about recognizing firms for their unique achievements.

Each of the following firms are being recognized for exceptional performance as reported by their customers to objective, independent interviewers. To be so recognized, a provider had to receive a mean score of "excellent" in the category. "These awards truly represent an achievement of quality that defines what world-class service means and differentiates these companies in the eyes of their customers," stated Corbett.

Johnson Controls Facility Management Services has received a 1998 Global Outsourcing Quality Report Award for Relationship Management and Responsiveness. Relationship Management recognizes the provider for a professional staff that is well integrated into the clients' operations. Responsiveness recognizes on time delivery of services and fast effective response to inquiries and problems.

Tramwell Crow Company Infrastructure Management has also received a 1998 Global Outsourcing Quality Report Award for Relationship Management. Additionally, the firm is being recognized by its customers for Personal Service. Personal Service means treating each customer as an individual and ensuring that they receive the services that meet their unique needs.

The Haas Corporation has received 1998 Global Outsourcing Quality Report Awards for Responsiveness and Personal Service, as well. Additionally, Haas has been singled out for unique honor by its customers, with 100% of its clients expressing satisfaction with the services they are currently receiving.

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