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Haas Acquires Radian's Chemical Management Unit

— Nancy Seewald
As printed on 10/16/02 of the Business & Finance News

Haas Corp. (West Chester, PA) says it has acquired Radian International’s (Austin, TX) chemical management services (CMS) business for an undisclosed sum and renamed the combined company Haas TCM (West Chester).

Haas expects sales of $55 million-$60 million in 2002, up from $48 million in 2001 and $40 million in 2000, says Thad Fortin, CEO of Haas TCM. Haas TCM will be the largest CMS provider, he says. Haas’ expertise is in managing chemical usage and waste reduction; the former Radian business specializes in procurement, logistics, and environment, health and safety compliance, Haas says.

Haas TCM serves industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, and heavy manufacturing. Haas’ origins were in providing chemical management services in the automotive sector, while Radian focused on aerospace and defense. Haas TCM is “product neutral,” Fortin says. In contrast, its main competitors focus mainly on a single industry, such as BP’s Castrol unit and Houghton International in lubricants, Henkel in metalworking fluids, and PPG in paints.

“The combined resources give us state-of-the-art tools and the scale to set new standards in the rapidly growing CMS business,” Fortin says.

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