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CMS FORUM: Program Statement

The Chemical Management Services (CMS) Forum, a program of the non-profit Chemical strategies Partnership, is a membership-driven coalition of service providers, customers, and others interested in promoting the CMS model. The CMS Forum was founded in January 2000 by three service providers- Ashland Inc., Haas TCM and Radian International - Who saw the need for a collective effort to promote widespread adoption of CMS.

To grow the awareness and practice of economically and environmentally beneficial chemical management services.

Primary Goals

• Increase the market demand CMS

• Document and promote the economic and environmental benefits of CMS

• Standardize the CMS definition to foster market development

• Provide a forum for CMS providers, their Tier II suppliers, and customers to access information, conduct research, and networking opportunities

The CMS Forum pursues a range of initiatives, agreed upon by the membership at the beginning of each year. The Forum’s priority initiative is to disseminate information about the CMS model broadly through outreach and education. Activities include writing articles, delivering presentations, conducting industry research, and developing relationships with key multipliers- including decision-makers in federal, state and local governments.

The cornerstone of the CMS Forum’s outreach efforts is the annual CMS workshop, jointly sponsored by CSP. This is the only workshop devoted solely to bringing together stakeholders for candid discussions about the CMS model. The CMS Forum also publishes The CMS Insider, a quarterly newsletter containing articles, resources, and other information about the CMS industry.

Forum members enjoy access to practical information, research, networking, and promotional opportunities that enable leaders to develop and implement CMS strategies and programs.

• Link to the homepage of the member company or organization on the CMS Forum website.

• Opportunity to present at CMS Forum website.

• Speaking and publishing opportunities in a variety of venues.

• Annual CMS training session given to your company or a potential customer by CSP staff.

• Complimentary copies of the CSP Manual and Chemical Management Services Industry Report 2000.

• Opportunity to interact with potential customers and colleagues at workshops.

• Access to CMS industry market data.

• Access to information about CMS trends, academic research and new developments.

• Voting rights on annual priority activities and general policy decisions.

Interested individuals can submit an application online at www.cmsforum.org or call Darcy Whaley at 415-421-3405

CMS Forum Founding Members:
Haas Corporation
Radian International
Ashland Specialty Chemical Company

CMS Forum Members:

• Air Products

• AV Chem

• DaimlerChrysler

• Delta Air Lines

• Dow Corning Corporation

• General Motors

• Henkel Chemical Management

• Illinois Waste Management and Research Center

• Illinois State University

• Interface LLC

• PPG Industries, Inc.

• Raytheon Company

• Rockwood Electronic Materials

• Seagate Technology

• Shell Services USA

• University of California Labs Administration

What Is CMS? Chemical Management Services (CMS) is a strategic, long-term relationship in which a customer contracts with a service provider to supply and manage the customer's chemicals and related services. Under a CMS contract, the provider's compensation is tied primarily to quantity and quality of services delivered, not chemical volume. CMS goes beyond invoicing and delivering product to optimizing processes, continuously reducing chemical lifecycle costs and risk, and reducing environmental impact.

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