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Haas Corporation's Full Life Cycle Approach Saves Millions

— As printed in the May 29, 2000 issue of Fortune Magazine
“Every dollar a manufacturing company spends on chemicals actually generates from five to ten dollars in total costs,” says Thad Fortin, CEO, Haas Corporation. “The right chemical management program can significantly reduce these costs.”

Haas Corporation is a global chemical management services company headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Its programs cover the full life cycle of chemical use, including chemical specification, product testing, procurement, inventory control, storage and feeding equipment, material’s handling, information management, process optimization, environmental reporting, recycling, waste minimization, waste treatment, and disposal. Each program is then customized for the client and may include all or only some of these services. “In the end,” says Fortin, “it’s our ability to provide highly skilled and motivated individuals at the customer’s site, combined with our belief that maximum benefit is achieved through improved management of existing chemicals, not the introduction of new ones, that produces results for our customers.”

Haas is producing results for a wide range of customers in a wide range of industries: automotive power, train, metal forming and assembly plants, aerospace manufacturers, high volume painting facilities, large-volume metal machining plants, and electronics facilities. In one case, Haas saved a customer millions of dollars in construction costs by suggesting the elimination of a planned in-house chemical warehouse in favor of a smaller, Haas-managed, staging facility right across the street. “It’s a great example of how we can have an immediate impact on your customer’s bottom line,” says Fortin, “even before we begin managing their day-to-day chemicals operations.”

Haas forms long-term customer relationships built on open communication, common goals, and clearly defined expectations. Its contracts are then structured to provide incentives that ensure that these intended benefits are realized. This can include fixed cost pricing with guaranteed year-over-year savings as well as gain-sharing agreements.

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