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Chemical Management vs. Traditional Practices

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Chemical Management
Chemical Management vs. Traditional Practices


• Large supplier base.

• Large number of chemicals used.

• Large chemical inventories - cost of materials in inventory as high as five times the cost of materials in use.

• Lack of supplier responsibility and accountability.

• Supplier profit based on volume of chemicals used.

• Resistance to change.

• Environmental compliance problems.

• Employee health and safety problems.

• Ineffective use of technology.

• High transaction cost contribution to product (i.e. paperwork processing costs for high volume of transactions).

Chemical Management:

• Single indirect chemicals supplier for a plant. Customer purchases chemical service not chemicals. Chemical Manager provides materials, management, analytical, inventory control and management information systems and services through the tcmIS™, HAASTRAC® and HAASTEC® proprietary software systems.

• Customer maintains control since its employees coordinate overall management.

• Chemical Manager becomes a key team player in the plant production system.

• "Just-In-Time" inventory of chemicals.

• More effective use of technology.

• Chemical Manager is paid on a parts produced basis and profits are based on service.


Chemical Management vs. Traditional Practices



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