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Chemical Management Process Model

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Chemical Management
Chemical Management Process Model

Customer Requirements
• quality cost effective chemicals
• effective process control services
• inventory management
• reduced chemical and systems cost
• improved productivity and quality
• positive environmental effect

• capable on-site chemical management team
• supplier staff supporting on-site management team
• co-operative plant organization

Material and Equipment
• leading edge, cost effective
• designed to application, not only specification
• environmentally friendly
• specific chemicals defined in plant footprint
• on-site laboratory
• containerization
• dispensing systems
• computer systems

Methods and Systems
• inventory control system container management
• process control systems
• lubrication predictive maintenance
• second tier procurement systems

• meet safety/health requirements
• hazardous materials committee approved
• waste treatment
• favorable to in-plant environment

Measurements and Feedback
• process improvement reports
• plant-supplier monthly and quarterly reviews
• ongoing contract cost reduction
• benchmarking reports from comparative industries
• common program procedure and specifications
• common tracking and feedback systems


Chemical Management Process Model



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