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Haas TCM is a global chemical management services company.

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Total Chemical Management Services
Haas TCM is a global chemical management services company. We streamline and manage the chemical life cycle for each of our customers with superior and innovative supply chain, process, and information management systems.

Conference Schedule
Haas TCM has been invited to speak or participate as a panelist at a series of events.

Multinational Chemical Management Services Company
Haas TCM is a large multinational Chemical Management Services Company. We specialize in reducing cost and improving processes associated with chemical use in manufacturing.

Corporate History

Corporate History - The New Haas TCM
An Entity Formed by the Merger through Acquisition of the Radian TCM business of Radian International LLC Corporation by The Haas Corporation

Chemical Management
Under Chemical Management, a single first-tier supplier provides all chemicals, chemical services, analytical, inventory control, chemical process and information management services through supplier's on site personnel. It is a team approach that decreases the supplier base, provides increased supplier involvement, defines accountability and immediately reduces costs.

Chemical Management Services & Value
For most manufacturers and other end users, chemicals are vital to their operations, but non-core to their businesses. While chemicals represent only a tiny fraction of their purchasing load, they pose the greatest risks to workers, to equipment, to the public, to the environment and to the manufactured product.

Total Chemical Management Information System (TCMis)
Designed and developed by Haas TCM specifically for the complexities of chemicals, our “state-of-the-art” e-commerce and information system is an internet-based technology platform operating from our data center located in Austin, Texas. Thus, there is no software to purchase, no data bases to maintain and no applications to install.

Process Systems Software Management (Haastec)
From a University of California proposal, with some changes, Haas TCM has developed a statistical process control application know as Haastec®. Haastec® is currently being used for coolant, lubricant and washer systems in Automotive Power-Train Plants and on paint detackification, water treatment and wastewater treatment at Automotive Assembly Plants.

Chemicals Management Software System ( Haastrac)
The Haas TCM provides an optional Chemicals Management Information system known as Haastrac®. In addition to providing all of the purchasing, accounting, and inventory functions necessary for the operation of the Chemical Management program, Haastrac® provides a variety of unique features specifically designed to enhance the management of information. Over the years it has been a huge success with our automotive customers.

Chemical Management Reengineered Logistics
Haas TCM pioneered the chemical “hub” concept. A hub is a chemical compliant storage facility where Haas TCM manages all aspects of multiple customers’ chemical inventories, including shelf life, special storage requirements, custom labeling, barcode tracking and forecasting, and then delivers them JIT (“just-in-time”), often directly to the points of use.

Process Control and Usage Reduction
Haas TCM maintains a core staff of subject matter experts (SME) with deep experience in the types of manufacturing processes and unit operations employed by our customers. As such, Haas TCM engineers have an impressive track record resulting in chemical cost and usage reduction across many chemical-consuming processes.

Our Markets

Aerospace, Defense and Electronics
Chemicals play a small but critical role in the manufacture and maintenance of aerospace and defense products. Learn how Haas TCM streamlines chemical supply chains for its customers and improves their chemical use efficiencies.

News and Events at HaasTCM
Read Press Releases, Print Articles and New Releases

Haas TCM acquires MC Technologies extending its Healthcare Environmental Information Management Systems and Chemical Management Services offering

Haas TCM Signs Agreement to Support SAIC on Program

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Awards to Haas TCM Inc

Haas TCM acquires Kemfast Aerospace

Haas TCM Inc. Receives GM LAAM 2005 Supplier Merit Award

Thad Fortin, '81, Haas TCM CEO presents, "Riding the Whitewaters of Entrepreneurial Innovation" as part of Ithaca College's Distinguished Executive Speaker Series on April 10, 2006.

Haas TCM to Provide Chemical Management Services to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Corporation

General Dynamics Highly Regarded Supplier Award

EHS Innovation Award to Sikorsky

Haas TCM Provides Total Chemical Management Services to Raytheon Corporation

Haas TCM To Provide Chemical Management Services To Dana Corporation Facilities

Delivering Resource Productivity: The Service Solution

Supplier Group Touts Greener World

Pepper Hamilton Partner Dies

2003 Special Olympics Golf Outing And Fundraiser At Chester Valley Country Club

Haas TCM Re-Organizes The Executive Leadership Team

Stan Klocek Has Been Elected President Of The Northeastern Chemical Association, Inc.

Three Haas TCM Employees Nominated For A General Motors World Wide Facilities Group Recognition Award

Haas TCM To Provide Total Chemical Management Services To United Technologies Corporation Facilities

Haas TCM At The Green Alliance Conference

Stan Klocek Nominated For President Of NECA

Haas TCM Selects KPMG LLP

Haas Corporation And Radian TCM Merge To Form
Haas TCM

Haas TCM At CMS Forum

Haas At SPE Organizational Meeting

Haas At ILMA

Haas In CMS Forum

Haas Makes Five Year Commitment To Special Olympics

Haas At Conference In London

Haas Finechem Expands Operations In China

Haas At CMS Forum

Haas Receives Ford QI Quality Certification

Haas Corporation Takes Chem Management to Korea

Haas Contribution Benefits Special Olympics

GEMI Conference in Baltimore, Maryland

Haas takes on Recycling Duty For USAF

Haas Aerospace Program Earns ISO Certification

Haas Announces New Contracts

GM Supplier of Year Nomination

Haas Announces New Mexican Contracts

Chemical Management Firm Excels Far From Home

Chemical Management Competitors Come Together To Raise Awareness



Aligned Compensation Structure
As an independent chemical management services (CMS) provider, Haas TCM has no “volume-based” financial incentive. To the contrary, we construct in each of our programs financial incentives to reduce the amounts of chemicals used.

Chemical Management Flexible Service Model
Haas TCM offers different service levels to suit the needs of every customer and each of their facilities, regardless of size and location.

Introducing New Processes and Chemicals
Haas TCM provides for continuous internal testing of alternate materials by our Research and Development team. The reasons for this testing include health and safety issues, reduction of hazardous materials, VOCs, HAPs and waste, cost reductions, performance improvements, product consolidations, emergency second sourcing, minority sourcing, or any combinations of these.

EH&S and Quality at Haas TCM
Haas TCM is committed to the safety of its employees, clients, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and customer requirements. It is the responsibility of every employee to follow sound EH&S practices in their daily work, as EH&S excellence is an integral part of managing our business and achieving the goals outlined in our Vision Statement.

Haas TCM Chemical Management Philosophy
Executive Management participation is a must. Haas TCM is a Chemical Management Company and, as such, all of our top management is actively involved in all of our programs.

Chemical Management vs. Traditional Practices
View the difference between traditional practices and chemical management.

Chemical Management Process Model
This model includes information about customer requirements, people, materials and equipment, methods and systems, environmental, measurements and feedback.

Chemical Management Benefits
A listing of the benefits of chemical management.

Case Studies
HaasTCM Case Studies about USA Automotive, International Automotive, Defense and Aerospace, Daimler Chrysler and Raytheon Systems Company.

U.S.A. Automotive Case Studies
East Coast Assembly Plant - This program was transitioned from a previous Chemical Manager who had been in place for three years...

International Automotive Case Studies
Mexican Automotive Plant - Haas TCM is the Chemical Manager at this facility covering all non-production chemicals including water treatment, lubricants, paint booth maintenance, purge solvent, paint detackification, coolants, stamping lubricants, coolant maintenance services, incoming water purification, waste water treatment and architectural paints...

Defense & Aerospace Case Study
The contract includes incentives for gainsharing, or "shared savings", for reductions in chemical use and purchase price and improved process efficiency...

Daimler Chrylser, Newark Assembly Plant
In its first year, the program reduced chemical unit costs by 29% and continues to reduce unit costs annually...

Raytheon Systems Company & Chemical Strategies Partnership Collaborative
The 5-year contract covers the entire lifecycle of chemical management for all chemicals and gases including; procurement, inventory, delivery, waste disposal, and data management...

Delivering Resource Productivity: The Service Solution

Tier II Suppliers
Opportunities to do business with HaasTCM

Haas TCM is always on the look out for Tier II suppliers that understand the Haas TCM Chemical Management philosophy.

What is Chemical Management Services?
Chemical Management Services (CMS) is a business model in which a customer engages with a service provider in a strategic, long-term contract to supply and manage the customer's chemicals and related services.

Careers at HaasTCM
Haas TCM is a global leader in the field of Chemical Management. Headquartered in West Chester, PA, Haas TCM provides chemical management services to domestic and international companies in the manufacturing and service fields. Haas TCM is always considering qualified individuals with proven experience.

Available Job Opportunities

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Haas TCM is committed to creating a respectful, courteous work environment free of discrimination and harassment of any kind. We function in a diverse and global marketplace, and the talent that we bring to bear in the services we provide reflects that diversity.

Summer Intern Program
Haas TCM is constantly searching for a few college students to participate in our very selective Summer Intern Program. We look for students in the engineering disciplines, preferably chemical engineering, but are not limited to these disciplines.

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Changing the Links in the Supply Chain

Forum Aims to Increase Awareness

Mission Impossible?

Full life cycle approach saves millions

GEMI 2000 Environment & Business Conference

Changing the Way Some Independents Conduct Business

Lubrication World, Fluid Management Programs May Bring New Opportunities to Independents

The Philadelphia Inquirer, A tiny firm manages chemicals for giants

Chemical Management: A Quiet Revolution

Haas uses Global outsourcing report results to bendhmark, improve client communications

The 1998 Global Outsourcing Quality Report Awards

Fortune Magazine, Outsourcing Supplement '98

Contact Information for Haas TCM
1475 Phoenixville Pike, Suite 30-31
West Chester, PA 19380
Fax: 610.436.9076

Haas TCM World Headquarters

Haas TCM Information Technology Center

Haas Corporation of Canada

Haas TCM de México, S de RL de CV

Haas FineChem (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Haas International (Argentina Branch)
General Motors Rosario Plant

Haas TCM of Israel





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Haas TCM to Provide Chemical Management Services to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Corporation — Haas TCM has recently signed a three year agreement with two, one-year options to provide Chemical Management Services (CMS) to PG&E... more »

What is CMS? It is a strategic, long term relationship in which a service provider, like Haas TCM, supplies and manages a customer's chemicals and related services.  more »

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